Scholar Testimonials

UIF is honored to have received the support and endorsement of the following esteemed Imam’s & Scholars.

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My experience with University Islamic Financial has been beyond excellent. The brothers are responsive, organized, professional, and willing to satisfy any concerns you have. This to me is by far the most Faith Based product in the market today.
—Sheikh Omar Suleiman, Dallas, TX


“It has been a pleasure using the services of University Bank’s Islamic finance division (UIF) to purchase a home. Their knowledgeable staff, patience and professionalism make a sometimes arduous process smooth and stress-free. In addition to their helpful staff, the straightforward and easily understandable nature of their financial products and services gives the customer confidence that at University Islamic Financial Shariah compliance is a reality and not just a slogan. I would highly recommend University Islamic Financial to anyone looking to purchase a home or make an Islamically acceptable investment.”
—Imam Zaid Shakir, Scholar in Residence, Zaytuna Institute, California


“The best testimonial I can give is to be a client, and I was the first client for University Islamic Financial in Virginia.”
—Imam Muhammed Magid, Adams Center VA (current ISNA President)


“Great service by UIF, a reliable agent to work with. Omer Mahmood did a great job in my first home purchase and now another amazing job for my son’s condo.”

—Sheikh Kifah Mustapha, Chicago, IL



“People become rooted in a society and community when they become homeowners in that community. For years, there have been discussions whether conventional loans were permissible or not. Now that there are institutions such as University Islamic Finance in order for homeowners to obtain Faith Based loans, I encourage Muslims to avail of their services.”
— Imam Tahir Anwar, Imam and Director of Religious Services, South Bay Islamic Association



Alhamdulillah as a Muslim we can purchase a home in a Halal way through University Islamic Financial and I am one of the clients of UIF. As Allah SWT has said: “but help ye one another unto righteousness and pious duty” 5:2
—Imam Mohamad Joban, Muslim Association of Puget Sound (Redmond, WA)



UIF is an invaluable resource to the Islamic community here in the United States. I highly recommend their service to any and all interested in purchasing a home.
-Qari Amar Bellaha, Northern California



Working with UIF team was a beautiful experience. Br. Fadey, my UIF Representative was very professional and he kept my family informed of the process every step of the way. He held our hands and made the closing a very special day for us. I would recommend Br. Fadey and UIF services to everyone
—Imam Syed Qasim Burmi, Islamic Society of Western Maryland



“When other Prominent Scholars have given their Fatwa supporting it then we should support Halal products and stay away from haram.”
—Mufti Abdul Muqtadir, Imam, Nida ul Islam, NJ



“University Islamic Finance and their products are very timely and needed. The meeting for the Imam and community leaders was very informative.”
—Imam Raouf Zaman, Muslim Center of Middlesex County, NJ



“God has blessed America with many things one of them being the Muslim Community that is practicing its religion and at the same time respecting the tradition of the land. The second blessing is having Islamic banking to help Muslims permissibly conduct their finances, purchase homes for their families and gain halal returns on their savings. The third blessing is the forefathers of our country who have left an open space for all traditions to practice their religion.”
—Sheikh Muhammad Musa, Imam, Muslim Unity Center, MI


“University Islamic Financial provides a way out of Riba for Muslims in America.”
—Sheikh Ali Suleiman Ali, Muslim Comm. Center of Western Suburbs, MI


“I believe as a Muslim community one of the areas we have neglected is Islamic Finance. We have reached the age and stage of development where we direly need our own financial institution. One which not only provides the capacity to finance our ventures but also educates the community on the matter of Islamic finance. Also, I feel confident in the direction that University Islamic Financial is headed. The scholars University Islamic Financial has chosen are of the highest caliber and have sound Islamic knowledge.”
—Imam Johari Abdul Malik, Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center, VA


Their services are professional, and I have heard nothing but good from those who have actively dealt with them, Masha’ Allah.”
—Sheikh Faraz Rabbani, Educational Director, Seekers Guidance


“After meeting with Osman R. Ali of University Islamic Financial Corp., I knew that this institution would be successful. The courtesy and high level of professionalism that I was met with was most unique. Coupled with the necessary knowledge base that helps make Islamic Finance relevant to our context, University Islamic Financial Corp. and its employees are helping forge an Islam that makes sense for Muslims living in the United States.”
—Imam Khalid Latif, Executive Director and Muslim Chaplain, The Islamic Center at New York University


“University Islamic Financial provides a great option for homeowners and home buyers and I encourage all to use this sharia compliant program.”
—Qari Abdul Basi, New Brunswick Islamic Center, NJ


“Many Muslims in the modern world continue to face a difficult choice: faithful adherence to Islamic prohibitions of riba versus pursuing the means to economic and financial security for themselves and their families. University Islamic Financial is an excellent option that gives the Muslim community the opportunity to do both. Not only is UIF providing an invaluable service to Muslims, I have been impressed from the beginning with the level of genuineness and transparency that all of the staff have shown in dealing with members of the Muslim community. They have extended considerable time and effort in getting to know our community and earning our trust. I highly recommend their services.”
—Sr. Naqiyba Auston, Sakeenah Foundation, NJ


“The Advisory council meeting was excellent and very beneficial. University Islamic Financial is a good find for Muslim’s in the United States to do Halal banking. We hope that we can continue to have more meeting and discussions on this topic.”
—Dr. Mohammad Qatanani, Imam, Islamic Center of Passaic County, NJ